Nurse Hickox should not walk among us

kaci-hickoxNurse Kaci Hickox should not be walking among us for one simple reason… We don’t deserve her presence. Smart, but cynical, politicians have recognized that she is an opportunity to score valuable votes by exploiting the irrational fears of an ill-informed electorate. Nurse Hickox recently arrived home after providing volunteer medical care for ebola victims for the last 4 weeks in Sierra Leone. The governor of the state she landed in upon her return, as well as the governor of the state that she currently lives in, have decided they must impose a medically unnecessary 21 day forced quarantine to “protect the citizens” of their respected states. Nurse Kaci Hickox, being an informed medical professional that has actual experience with caring for ebola victims, has decided to ignore their politically motivated and unwarranted detainment. The press, which profits from controversy, and the vocal but misinformed public have been quick to condemn her actions, despite the fact that her actions are totally supported by the science of medicine, and all medical authorities.

But here’s the clincher. ┬áDespite being abused for both political gain, and monetary profit, she has stated her intent to return to Sierra Leone to continue her volunteer service to mankind. Like I said, she should not walk among us. We don’t deserve her.

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