Golden Oldies

Here are some of the older shows to listen to…

ChildSafeXmas.mp3 – The Digital Flotsam Christmas show that doesn’t reveal any secrets kids shouldn’t know.
DF1re-issue.mp3 – 1st Digital Flotsam Show (way different) exactly as originally published
DF2re-issue.mp3 – 2nd Digital Flotsam Show (way different) exactly as originally published
DF3re-issue.mp3 – 3rd Digital Flotsam Show (way different) exactly as originally published
DF36.mp3 – Brain Dead 3
DF37.mp3 – One Pound Edition
DF38reissue.mp3 – Parental Redux
DF40.mp3 – Pipe Dreams
DF47.mp3 – Room At The Top
DF50.mp3 – Greetings From Coney Island
DF50video.m4v – Greetings From Coney Island (video)
DF52.mp3 – Happy Thanksgiving
DF54.mp3 – Fun 1st – Serious Later
DF56.mp3 – My Permanent Record
DF58.mp3 – Beer!
DF59.mp3 – Stendhal’s Syndrome
DF60.mp3 – Brain Dead
DF61.mp3 – Foolishness
DF62.mp3 – Babel On And On
DF63.mp3 – Caution Epiphany Ahead
DF64.mp3 – The Legacy of Geeks
DF65.mp3 – Who’d Believe It?
DF66.mp3 – Fear Of Flying
DF67.mp3 – God Bless The Child
DF68.mp3 – Superstitious Edition
DF69.mp3 – Echoes From The Past
DF70.mp3 – Do Not Open (Christmas, but not for children)
DF71.mp3 – Children Safe Christmas Edition
DF72.mp3 – Surprise!
DF73.mp3 – More War Stories
DF74.mp3 – Like Tears In Rain
DF75.mp3 – There’s No Place Like Home
DF76.mp3 – True Confessions
DF77.mp3 – Memoirs of a Future Adult
DF78.mp3 – Lydia’s Legacy
DF79.mp3 – New Orleans
DF80.mp3 – Pussy Cats Can Go Far
DF81.mp3 – Colorful Dreams
DFlot6.mp3 – Nescience (an oldie)

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